Song-A-Day, by generifus

Here are all my song-a-day songs from this month on one bandcamp page! Listen to them all in a row!

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Final song-a-day! Thanks to those who have followed along, I should be able to keep writing songs now that it’s done!

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Song a day 30! Tomorow is the last one then I will put them all on

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Recorded todays song with Kenny and Jeremy, bandmates in Hot Rush! Jammed out a tune and I finished it up at home.

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28th song-a-day tune, a little jazzy kinda thing I guess

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A little song about shoes in a tree, song a day 27.

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Back from the road trip, finished up a song I had been working on for a while for todays song. Should be more rockin with the band later on.

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Song a day 25! Couldn’t upload it til this morning but we recorded it Tuesday. Dan Weiss from The Yellow Dress let us in his jam space in SF and played guitar, Brooke played a Leslie organ and I played drums while singing. Just a simple jam. Cool to fit in a collaboration on this trip.

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A guitar song today, couldn’t get any words going, fried from LA traffic today.. But you can hear Brooke humming in the background if you listen closely.

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Went to Burgerama 3 in Santa Ana today and came back to Brian’s house and recorded this tune, back to the guitar style.. Only a week of songs left! Gona see some buds from Olympia tomorrow and maybe we will jam for my song..