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started writing this new song today…

New jam played at practice today with drums and bass by River and Liam

SIGNED Fest Presents: K Records + Beating a Dead Horse Records | Facebook

Playing at Signed Music Fest in Bellingham this weekend! Tons of rad bands all weekend, check out the lineup and come if you are in the area!

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Done with song-a-da but here is a new song, or part of one at least! Gota finish it up soon but the parts are all here..

Song-A-Day, by generifus

Here are all my song-a-day songs from this month on one bandcamp page! Listen to them all in a row!

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Final song-a-day! Thanks to those who have followed along, I should be able to keep writing songs now that it’s done!

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Song a day 30! Tomorow is the last one then I will put them all on

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Recorded todays song with Kenny and Jeremy, bandmates in Hot Rush! Jammed out a tune and I finished it up at home.